Mold remediation in Florida

We all know about mold remediation in Florida. But only a few know about the reason for the growth of molds and where they grow.


Mold is basically one kind of fungi that grows around us. Poor air quality is also a reason for growing mold. You can not destroy this with any kind of mold removal tools but you can remove this from your home. Are you aware of mold? Check it out if there is one in your home. If you find one, call us or contact us without delay for stopped mold growth immediately.


You can find small portions of mold everywhere in your home. This may be on a plant, a wood, or a wall. Don’t be afraid, this is a very common issue that mold grows in a building or in a house. “Spores” are microscopic cells that are produced by mold that can spread in a short period of time and cause the spreading of various kinds of diseases.


The mold takes a short period of time to grow. Mold grows better in a moist place or in a place where it can easily absorb food such as “furniture “. A building is their perfect growing place because some portion of our house remains moist. Hence they can easily grow. This can happen for some reason. 


  • Wet surface 
  • Water pipe damage inside the wall
  • Poor ventilation system 
  • Waterlogging 

Mold remediation in florida


How can you know whether there is mold in your house or not?

Mold can be seen in the outdoor and indoor areas. This is visible to us. You can identify mold by seeing its structure.


  • Mold is a cotton-like thing. Its surface is velvety and soft. If you have wood-made furniture, check those immediately. Wood is the favorite place of mold to live in. 
  • Mold usually grows in wet places. Check the pipelines inside the wall. If you find a wet wall, you are at risk of getting mold on that wall. 
  • Look around your ventilation system. Is there any water standing in your air-conditioning system?  Drain them immediately. 
  • Mold has its own smell. If you can smell it, you need to check and call a handyman near you.


RSS Handyman has Its own mold remediation team and trusted mold remediation company to handle your problem. They will clean up your whole area and leave no sign of mold. As we know that water damage is the source of mold. The wet wall or wood especially. Mold can grow from fire damage too. 


We use modern technology from identifying mold to mold remediation. We have a team of licensed mold remediation professionals. They will inspect your house and identify mold if there are any kind of mold issues.


Once our professionals find mold in your house, the first work they will do is remove the mold. After removing this, they will remediate the whole area. We try to clear the damage as soon as possible. Also, we promise you to clean the whole area when we finish our work.


Mold can create many diseases. Especially the Black Mold can damage our eyesight. This is also the cause of sneezing and chronic coughing.

So why late?

Get a free quote today or contact us. Get the suggestion of our mold remediation professionals for the rescue of the mold problem.